Seeburg 220 Restoration

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This is a collection of pictures that I have taken during the restoration of a Seeburg 220. This is still an ongoing project and unfortunately I am not making much progress at the moment since I have other things to do at the moment.

220 Before - Front

220 Right

220 Grill
This is after I had done some tests with the dremel and brass brush wheel. There is a vertical strip that I cleaned on the left to the right and below the where the emblem is mounted. Portions of the bottom of the right grill have been cleaned as well.

220 Grill
This is after most of the cleaning was done.
I don't have more pictures, but I did a second pass some time after this picture was taken.

Left Side Image

Right Side Image
Side Glass with decals. Can you see the difference in the decals? They do not match. I recommend spending the extra money for the reproduction painted side glasses.

Buttons before Retrobrite
Buttons Before Retrobrite.
The white portion of the buttons was turning yellow or brown with age, so I figured I would try removing the brown with "Retrobrite".

Buttons After Retrobrite
Buttons After Retrobrite.
The buttons looks much better now.

Retrobrite how-to

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