Welcome. Here is a list of jukebox related items on this site.

Jukebox Service Manual Archive
An Archive of downloadable jukebox service manauls.

Jukebox Schematic Archive
An Archive of downloadable jukebox schematics.

My Vinyl iPhone App
An iPhone app I created for for keeping track of your record inventory and for printing title strips. If you have an iPhone, iPod Touch, or an iPad, you should check it out.

Seeburg R Restoration Images
Pictures I took as I was restoring a Seeburg R. Most of the pictures are of the cabinet restoration including the use of Formica.

Seeburg 220 Restoration Images
Pictures from my Seeburg 220 restoration. This is a restoration that is still in progress and moving along slowly.

Converting a Cobra Tone Arm to Use a Magnetic Cartridge
Instructions for converting a Cobra equipped Wurlitzer jukebox to use a magnetic cartridge in the original tone arm.

Comparing the audio of a Zenith Cobra to a Magnetic Cartridge.
Audio samples and some FFT plots comparing the Cobra with a magnetic cartridge.

Links to other useful jukebox related web sites.

Tony Miller's Web Site - Archived
This is an archived copy of the late Tony Miller's web page. It contains the best guide on the web for troubleshooting Seeburg's Selectomatic record changer.
Jukebox History.info
This site contains some information about the history of the four American jukebox manufactrures and some other information. Most notable is that this site has scans of AMI Service Bulletins.
There are a some service tips on Flippers. Use the "Service & Tech Tips" pulldown at the top of the page.